Ruth Bloom Research
A personal approach to family history



My standard fees are £25* per hour + out of pocket expenses at cost.  I charge for:

  • Time carrying out research, writing reports and communicating with my client
  • Travel expenses, postage, photocopying, copy certificates and wills, other items as agreed

I don't charge for initial consultation and preparation of a Proposal (see How I work), or for travel time, less than one hour.

My minimum fee is one hour.

I prefer to work to an agreed budget estimate - typically £125 for the first piece of research + an estimated amount for expenses.  If you are a first-time client, I like to agree a sum to be paid in advance - usually 50% of the agreed budget estimate.

*I charge a higher rate for commercial clients, to be agree at the Proposal stage

Payment methods

I can accept payment by sterling cheque or bank draft, or payment online direct to my bank.  For payment from abroad I prefer to use Paypal, but must charge a 5% overhead to cover the Paypal administration charge.

To enquire about my services, or to request an estimate, please CONTACT ME.