Ruth Bloom Research
A personal approach to family history


How I work

I like to establish a good working relationship with my clients, in order to understand exactly what they want, and to make sure they know what to expect at the end of my research.  Once I have a good understanding of the scope of the request, I'll make a clear proposal, explaining what I aim to find out initially, how long it might take, how much it might cost, and what expenses might be incurred.  I'll usually ask you to agree a budget limit - typically it will be £125 plus expenses for the first piece of research. 

I'll keep you up to date with progress, and let you know at once if I hit any major brick walls, or alternatively if I make any exciting discoveries.  At the end of the assignment I will produce a written report, which may include a diagrammatic family tree, and references to all sources that I have used in my research.  It will of course contain the originals of all copy certificates obtained, and photographs or photocopies of documents consulted as appropriate.  I will indicate whether I think I have gone as far as I can, or if there are other areas of research that might be worth pursuing.

I conduct all research myself, except where it is more economic to ask the local record office to do a particular search for me.  This might arise, for instance, when there is just one piece of information required to complete a pedigree or family tree, and the record office can quickly carry out the search for me.

Some starting points


Do you have a family Bible inscribed with names and dates?

These are a great help for family history research, but sadly they're relatively rare.

You might have old certificates, memorial cards or other useful documents amongst your family papers.

You may have some old photographs - and if they are annotated with names and dates, so much the better.  However, even if all you have are a few names and dates, that should be enough to get started.

To find out how I might be able to help, please CONTACT ME.