Ruth Bloom Research
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Look up Services

My record Look up service is aimed at people who know the document they wish to see, but cannot get to the archives themselves.

I can provide you with photocopies (where possible) or digital images.  Where documents are difficult to read or particularly large (e.g. Chancery documents) I can provide transcriptions or abstracts.

Please note that I do not normally offer a 'bulk photography' service - i.e. digitisation of complete documents - unless it is part of a research project.  In all cases you would be responsible for agreeing any copyright terms with TNA yourself.


You might be researching a particular person, place or event, and you've found out that the relevant records are held at The National Archives (TNA).  I live very close to TNA and am happy to do record look-ups there.  Sometimes you may already know the catalogue reference numbers, in which case my job is a lot easier.  If you do not know the catalogue reference numbers, then I will need a reasonably precise idea of what you are looking for - i.e. discharge papers for a specific soldier with probable discharge date, land records for a specific place in a given time period, correspondence regarding a specific event.