Ruth Bloom Research
A personal approach to family history


Research Services

I don't take a 'one size fits all' approach to family history research - I tailor each assignment to the specific requirements.  I can offer a range of Research Services, of which the following are typical examples:

I could draw up a family tree for a particular branch of your family, providing details of as many previous generations as  I can find, giving date and place of birth/baptism, marriage and death/burial, together with occupation (where known).  I can provide details of siblings as well if you require.  Or you might want me to draw up your pedigree chart - i.e. a chart showing your grand parents, great grandparents and great great grandparents.  Of course it may be difficult to provide complete details for each generation, but the aim would be to identify them all if possible.

Maybe you would like me to research a particular individual - perhaps a naval ancestor, or someone who followed an unusual occupation, or a transportee to Australia - with the aim of discovering as much as possible about them so that they come alive again.

Every family seems to have a story which has been passed down the generations - would you like me to find out what the truth behind the family legend may be?

Perhaps all you need is a bit of help to do your own research , in which case I can advise you on how to get started or suggest where to go next.  I can also validate an existing family tree (perhaps one that was drawn up a long time ago) by checking it against primary sources.   

If you are needing help with research for a book, thesis, or article I may be able to help there too.  I have provided research into subjects as diverse as the British West Indian Regiment in World War One, C19th designs for letter openers and page turners, C18th pirates off the coast of Virginia, and Bader's last flight (to name a few).  I have also provided research into specific places, using a range of maps, tax records, manorial documents and other sources.