Ruth Bloom Research
A personal approach to family history

·         Welcome to Ruth Bloom Research

·         I'm passionate about Family History - my own and other people's.  Find out  why, and how I'm qualified to help you, by looking at the page ABOUT ME

If you are looking for someone to help you find out about your  Family History - whether it's to build a family tree going back many generations, or to investigate a particular individual or event - I can help.  Find out more about my RESEARCH SERVICES

If you just need someone to look up documents regarding a specific person, place or event, then I can help with that as well.  Find out more about my LOOK UP SERVICES

I'm based in west London, near The National Archives and offer research services in the London area and other parts of southern England. 

Find out more about HOW I WORK and about my FEES and RECENT PROJECTS. Answers to some common questions can be found on my FAQs page. 

I hope this site gives you an overview of what I do.  For further information about how I can help, please  CONTACT ME.